Raleigh Denim

Raleigh Denim

a team of non-automated jeansmiths, who craft denim the old school way

Focused on design, process, material, and craft—Raleigh Denim uses the history and techniques of traditional American jean-making, producing jeans which marry old-school methods with modern fits.

It's always a thrill working with people that are so dedicated to their craft. Victor and Sarah, along with their crew at Raleigh Denim Workshop were no exception. The more time we spent with them, the more we fell in love with the experience and product they have to offer. It was inspiring really. With a belief that people should buy less stuff, but better stuff, they operate with a clear and distinct vision focused around quality.


  • Directed by Remedy
  • Shot & Edited by Remedy
  • Orginal Music by
  • Arithmetic
  • Full Credits on Vimeo
  • I like that it all feels really tactile, creating music is feels tactic, but so is watching a factory full of people making really rad clothes, or a great restaurant—when they’re all working together, its the best.

    Brad Cook

  • For raleigh denim, I think their product is impeccable—to be able to get that to happen with consistency of quality, it's just one of those amazing aspects of their business.

    Shaun Richards

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