Dear Hearts

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a space that fosters a warm feeling of community, excitement and home.

Combining their passions for art, tight bros, music, fashion and travel, They provide a carefully edited, rotating supply of new and vintage menswear, womenswear, jewelry and life accessories.

We had an incredible time working with both Stella and Donna as we uncovered the unique life of their store, the community it fosters, and the quality goods it sources for the city. After many weeks of hanging out in and around the store, it was evident that their vision and passion are deeply rooted in a love for their city along with the people that call it home.


  • Production by Remedy
  • Directed by Josh Sliffe
  • & Austin Simmons
  • Music licensed through
  • The Music Bed
  • Full Credits on Vimeo
  • “I don’t want you to have to dig through 800 things to find the one right thing—we want everything to feel like the one right thing.”


  • “Wherever we are—whether in our trailor or the shop, you’re always gonna get the same personal experience.”


“Do you every have one of those stores that you
walk in and you feel like the buyer has been inside
of your brain—picking everything exactly that
you would ever want.”

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